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  • Building the biggest scintillation detector

    Building the biggest scintillation detector

    Fortunately I was able to get my hands on a gigantic NaI(Tl) detector. The crystal inside is 3″ by 8″ which is 76mm in diameter and 203mm in length. It weights about six kilograms (12 pounds). The crystal is made by Bicron and I bought it from Albuquerque, New Mexico. My small 2″ x 2″…

  • Philips Photonis XP3312 Photomultiplier

    Philips Photonis XP3312 Photomultiplier

    For one of my newest projects I will need a bigger PMT than the Valvo XP2011 tubes that I have. The needed diameter is 3 inches because we will be dealing with a 3″ by 8″ Nai(Tl) scintillation crystal. Yeah this is the biggest one I have ever found and I had to get it.…